Contents of the Online Update!

 Sep, 18 - 2015   Game Updates
Online Menu Ready

We removed the “Coming Soon” internally, in preparation for our upcoming update!

This week, we’ve been working on a whole bunch of tweaks in addition to net code for our next update, which will hopefully be out by the end of this month. The following is a list of what can be expected with that release:

  • Character Fixes

    • More balancing

    • Smoother abilities on some character

    • A few new animations for abilities

  • New Assets

    • Shinier character select team boxes

    • Shinier character face boxes

    • Shinier health bars

    • Shinier ready text

    • Shinier menu arrow

  • New Features

    • Ability button assignments shown in match

    • A feedback screen

    • New graphics options

    • Games over the internet!

Along with the above list, there have been a lot of bug fixes and general code improvement over the past several months. This will be the first release of our online features, so we need as much feedback as we can get. Play a game with your friends, and let us know how it goes!