The Online Update Remains on Schedule!

 Sep, 11 - 2015   Uncategorized
Online Join Screen

TL; DR — We were mentioned in Screenshot Weekly. Net code is down to its final few features and major bugs.

Last Saturday, Grid Masters was one of the games mentioned in Indie Game Mag’s Screenshot Weekly! We really appreciate them including us in their article. Go give it a read and check out the other games mentioned as well.

This week, we discovered a network code bug that has been causing some messages to not actually get sent to the other computer. We are currently looking into a fix to get this remedied. Once we fix this issue, the last major things we have to tackle are handling disconnects and dropped players as well as finishing the custom server port work. After that, we will be polishing the game and doing a bit more testing before releasing our network play update. We still seem to be on schedule for an end of the month release but will update everyone here if plans change.