More Updates on the Character Select Screen

 Oct, 24 - 2015   Game Updates
Character Select with Character Info

TL; DR — A more information rich character select screen will be included with the online play update; coming soon!

With the end of October fast approaching, we are starting to do are our final testing for the online play update we are planning to release. If the tests go perfectly, we should be able to roll the update out to everyone around November 1st. If we run into more issues, the update will be delayed past that, but we will be working our hardest to get it released as soon as possible.

Now that we are closer releasing this update, we have a clearer picture of the features that will be included. The major ones include hosting online games, joining online games through IP address entry, password protected lobbies, and a tab menu to see who’s playing. At this time only one client can connect to a lobby. We hope to remove this restriction sooner rather than later.

This update will also include new shiny assets throughout all of the menus and most screens. The character select screen will now show extra information about each character. This will allow players to learn more about the characters before making a selection. This information can also be used by advanced players to determine the best play style for different character match-ups.

We’d like to thank all of our followers and supporters for being patient with us while we have been working to make the online experience great. You all are awesome!