SIEGECON prep and making everything shiny!

 Oct, 02 - 2015   Game Updates
Feedback Screen Shiny

TL; DR —We’ll have a table at SIEGECON where you can try out our prototype for Sydney. We’ve also fixed some disconnect issues and added even more shininess!

This next week we will start preparing for our table at SIEGECON. This will include some more character balancing and adding in the current prototype we have of Sydney into our build for the con. If you’re going to be at Siege and want to see how she currently plays, drop by our booth and play a match! She will not have her own spritesheets yet, so she currently looks like a red Malaya.

We found some issues with online matches that would occur if a computer disconnected unexpectedly, such as if power or internet connectivity was lost. We are currently testing a fix that will handle disconnects more gracefully. In other news related to network code, we reworked how the game was receiving messages which seems to have cleared the issue of messages getting dropped under heavy communication. We will confirm all of these changes with more testing, but the network code is getting more and more solid every day!

Lastly, our quest to make all the things shiny continues! We will be adding flashy new titles and awesome input boxes to the game over the next couple of weeks. An example of these titles and boxes can be seen in this week’s screenshot of our updated feedback screen! We’ve also added the ability to optionally include an email address, so we can respond to your feedback if requested.