Final Issues, Future Plans, and Sydney Sprite concepts

 Nov, 20 - 2015   Game Updates
Sydney concept

TL; DR — We’re getting close to the last internal test build. We’ll be working on fixes, AI, and matchmaking after this update.

This week, we’ve updated the libraries our game depends on. We’ve also fixed some issues related to joining games. We have two remaining issues we want to address: a sound bug that can cause slowdowns and making sure we receive feedback on our server correctly. We hope to be testing our final internal builds over this next week and hopefully everything will go smoothly. We’d like to apologize for this taking so long and thank everyone who is still keeping up with Grid Masters. We’ve put a lot of hard work into this release and can’t wait to get everyone’s comments and suggestions!

After this update, we will be fixing bugs found by our players, taking time to clean our game engine up a bit and to make our game run cross platform. Some other features we plan to work on next are basic AI characters and a matchmaking system that will allow players to find games and remove the need for port-forwarding. We do not have dates set for release of these features yet. We do, however, plan to release updates more frequently now that we have gotten a lot of the initial work out of the way.

This week’s screenshot is actually some animation concepting for our next character, Sydney. We’ve begun working on her sprite sheet. Unfortunately, she will not be available in the beta. Only people who have purchased the game will get access to her and our sixth character upon release of the full game.