Network Update Feature List Finalized, Doing Final Testing

 Nov, 14 - 2015   Game Updates
Character Select Info Flip

TL;DR — Sorry, we missed last week’s blog post. We’ve finalized the release features, and if you haven’t already, sign up for email updates.

We’d like to start off this week by apologizing for missing last week’s blog post. We are a small team and ended up having a lot going on that caused the blog post to be lower priority. We hope you’ll forgive us, especially with the online update release being so close.

We’re still working to do some cleanup on the update. At this point, we have character selecting and matches working online. The things we’re currently working on are final UI improvements, final testing, and game update testing. We’ve compiled a list of notable changes since the last update:

  • Added the ability to play games online via IP entry. One host and one client are only allowed at this time.

  • Added an in-game screen for feedback.

  • Added information about each character on the character select screen, so that players can learn more about each character before making a decision.

  • Updated assets on almost every screen to make the game a bit shinier.

  • Added button indicators in match to help players remember their current control scheme Death animations (some are being reworked, but should be out soon!).

  • Fixed some animation and depth issues.

  • Fixed other general bugs (including some things that would cause game crashes).

If you haven’t signed up for our email list, please consider joining it. You’ll get an email whenever an game update is released and whenever import information needs to go out. We hope to add more options soon to allow Angry Hangar account holders to customize the emails they get from us.