Jun, 04 - 2015   Company Updates

We had such a blast at MomoCon last weekend! Thank you everyone who came by our booth to try out Grid Masters. We were completely blown away by your excitement and are especially appreciative of the awesome feedback we received for future improvements for the game.

If you would like to continue to improve your skills at home, the Grid Masters beta is available for free on our website. We only support local play on Windows right now, but we’re hoping to have netplay up within the next month (with Mac OS X and Linux support planned for the future). If you experience any problems downloading the launcher or have feedback of any kind, shoot us an email at

MomoCon IndieDevs

We had a great time meeting and hanging out with other indie devs (some local and some not so local)! Be sure to check out Blazing Orb, Speelbaars, Thomas Detko, NR, utd., DogEatDogGames, Psycho Vision Gaming, Juggernaut Games,  and Ron Jones, if you have a chance. We enjoyed playing their games and talking dev stuff with them!

We also had an incredible time hosting our first ever Grid Masters tournament (or as Patrick dubbed it “Grid Masters Masters: Masters of the Grid Masters”). Congratulations again to Logan Mauradian, this MomoCon’s Master of the Grid! We enjoyed seeing and talking about new strategies of play and are thankful to all of you who made the tournament possible.

MomoCon IndieDevs