Meet SRA-2053!

 Mar, 20 - 2015   Game Updates

Meet SRA-2053, the hyper-advanced war machine who was never taught how to love.

The SRA-2053 Autonomous Tactical Infantry Unit is the latest invention of Vedrovskan weapons genius Doctor Listig. This one of a kind prototype was sent to the Grid to display the Republic of Vedrovska’s superior weapon technology. However, the move was not without controversy as many have questioned whether allowing a robot to compete goes against the spirit of the games. The governance committee chose to allow it, citing the large number of augmented competitors already taking part.

Despite these circumstances, SRA-2053 has shown itself to be one of the prime competitors in the Grid this year, using its heavy weapons and computerized reflexes to take down many tough opponents. Still, the remaining entrants are unphased, with Decimus quoted as saying, “I’ve fought these metal jerks before. They blow up just fine.” It’s anyone’s guess what the future holds, but this robot has been created for one purpose: to win.