Meet Scrapper!

 Mar, 28 - 2015   Game Updates

Low cost, high impact. Some assembly required.

The man now known as Scrapper was once known as Doctor Antonio Tacitus, one of the finest minds in robotic prosthetics. During his work for the Hyperian military, he made several groundbreaking discoveries, including a new way of controlling robots remotely via neural link. His illustrious career ended in tragedy, however, when his lab exploded, with all staff presumed dead.

Months later, members of Unum Corpus, an anti-prosthetics terrorist organization, began disappearing mysteriously. Soon, a video emerged of a shadowy figure in a cloak swearing vengeance against those who had destroyed his life’s work. The media named him Scrapper for the makeshift weapons that were his trademark. Once Unum Corpus was dismantled, Scrapper disappeared for over a decade before he suddenly emerged from the shadows under the banner of New World Technologies, though his motives for joining them are yet unknown.