Meet Malaya!

 Mar, 15 - 2015   Game Updates

Meet Malaya — she broke the chains to break you!

Malaya got her start as an assassin and saboteur, a soldier in one of the many quiet wars that take place in the shadows. However, she was captured when a mission to the Tetsuken megacorp went wrong. In chains, she was brought to fight as a shock trooper in missions too dangerous to risk actual soldiers.

The turning point of Malaya’s service came in a battle with a powerful mercenary company. Though her squad was quickly overwhelmed and her allies were killed, Malaya managed to turn the tides of the battle with a well-timed explosion, receiving near-fatal wounds in the process.

Instead of leaving her for dead, the Tetsuken soldiers honored her sacrifice, and took her to Doctor Adam Stein, who repaired her with experimental cybernetic components. Since then, she has proved her skill and resolve many times over and has earned the right to fight at The Grid to prove herself the best.