Visuals Review, AI Progress, and Timed Mode

 Jan, 17 - 2016   Game Updates
Timed Mode

TL; DR — We’re reviewing our visuals to add polish and continuing work on adding AI. A timed mode should be available soon.

This week we’ve started reviewing the visuals of Grid Masters. As we get closer to the eventual Steam Early Access launch, we want to make sure that everything in our game matches a consistent theme and is as polished as it can be. We also want to make the visuals of the game a bit more fluid by adding in new animations. This will hopefully add more energy to the places of the game that need it most (*cough* menus).

We’re currently working on adding non-player-characters to the game. They will be used in practice mode and give us a base to start on our AI characters for combat. We’ve also been testing a timed mode internally and want to give our players access to play it and give feedback. A small update should be coming soon to enable the timed mode.

This week’s screenshot shows off the end of a timed game. Since Decimus has more health than Mayala, red team wins!

We want to remind everyone that if you need any help or would like to give feedback, just send us an email at or use the in-game feedback screen! Be sure to include your email in the feedback screen if you want a response.

On a final note, we’ll now be posting updates on Sundays.