Grid Masters

Grid Masters takes place on the planet Orikos, where vast alliances, held together by bonds of convenience rather than loyalty, constantly struggle for power and influence. Nations work anonymously to sabotage both friends and enemies, while giant company blocs, called Megacorps, hover around these nations like scavengers, controlling commerce and wielding enormous power under the leadership of a mysterious council, the Directorate.

The animosity among the different nations and the Megacorps is at its strongest on the Grid. Every year, the great powers of the Orikos send their finest warrior to compete in order to prove their power. The winner’s host gains influence and notoriety, while the victor is awarded fame and fortune. The losers pay briefly with their lives before the Respawners throw them back into the fray. Who will be this year’s champion?


Since he was a child, Decimus loved blowing things up. He got his start scaring his neighbors with cherry bombs and only grew more ambitious from there. As soon as he was able, he joined the military as an explosives tech and was soon promoted to an elite squad known as the Heracletes.

Decimus entered the public eye after a mission to stop rebels went wrong, and his squad was captured. Things looked grim, but Decimus managed to fashion a bomb under the dire circumstances and seized control of the rebel base. With his celebrity established, his brash, over-the-top attitude quickly made him popular with his fans. Now, he has come to the Grid to represent his country and, more importantly, explode things.


Malaya got her start as an assassin and saboteur, a soldier in one of the many quiet wars that take place in the shadows. However, she was captured when a mission to the Tetsuken megacorp went wrong. In chains, she was brought to fight as a shock trooper in missions too dangerous to risk actual soldiers.

The turning point of Malaya’s service came in a battle with a powerful mercenary company. Though her squad was quickly overwhelmed and her allies were killed, Malaya managed to turn the tides of the battle with a well-timed explosion, receiving near-fatal wounds in the process.

Instead of leaving her for dead, the Tetsuken soldiers honored her sacrifice, and took her to Doctor Adam Stein, who repaired her with experimental cybernetic components. Since then, she has proved her skill and resolve many times over and has earned the right to fight at The Grid to prove herself the best.


The SRA-2053 Autonomous Tactical Infantry Unit is the latest invention of Vedrovskan weapons genius Doctor Listig. This one of a kind prototype was sent to the Grid to display the Republic of Vedrovska’s superior weapon technology. However, the move was not without controversy as many have questioned whether allowing a robot to compete goes against the spirit of the games. The governance committee chose to allow it, citing the large number of augmented competitors already taking part.

Despite these circumstances, SRA-2053 has shown itself to be one of the prime competitors in the Grid this year, using its heavy weapons and computerized reflexes to take down many tough opponents. Still, the remaining entrants are unphased, with Decimus quoted as saying, “I’ve fought these metal jerks before. They blow up just fine.” It’s anyone’s guess what the future holds, but this robot has been created for one purpose: to win.


The man now known as Scrapper was once known as Doctor Antonio Tacitus, one of the finest minds in robotic prosthetics. During his work for the Hyperian military, he made several groundbreaking discoveries, including a new way of controlling robots remotely via neural link. His illustrious career ended in tragedy, however, when his lab exploded, with all staff presumed dead.

Months later, members of Unum Corpus, an anti-prosthetics terrorist organization, began disappearing mysteriously. Soon, a video emerged of a shadowy figure in a cloak swearing vengeance against those who had destroyed his life’s work. The media named him Scrapper for the makeshift weapons that were his trademark. Once Unum Corpus was dismantled, Scrapper disappeared for over a decade before he suddenly emerged from the shadows under the banner of New World Technologies, though his motives for joining them are yet unknown.