Grid Masters Beta Update

 Mar, 29 - 2015   Game Updates

We are sad to announce that the beta for Grid Masters will not be available by the end of March. This was due to our transition to the Monogame framework, which took longer than we expected. We believe the switch to Monogame will allow us to release a better product by making bugs easier to find and fix and giving us more development tools to play with. We hope you will stick with us as we polish the game for the beta release, which will now be April 24, 2015. Having this extra time will also allow us to complete additional features that were not expected to be complete by the time of the beta’s release.

We will be releasing signups for the beta next Friday, April 3. By signing up, you will receive an email linking to the download as soon as the beta becomes available. Early beta testers will help us shape and polish the game even further before our Kickstater campaign goes live. All who sign up for the beta will gain access, so be sure to tell all your friends!