Game Updates and Kickstarter Announcement

 May, 07 - 2015   Game Updates

We’ve released an update for the launcher and game that ensures they check for dependencies on Windows before attempting to run. The game should automatically update, through the launcher, if you already have it installed. If you are having trouble with the launcher not running, please redownload and reinstall from the download link found on your account page. If you are still having trouble with anything, please contact

We’ve stated previously that this game would be cross-platform, running on Windows, Linux, and Mac. While this is our end goal, Windows is the platform we develop on, so features and stability will be available there first. With that said, we have decided to make the launcher native on each platform. We feel this will give our users the best experience no matter where they’re playing. We will release a blog post when we have a better idea of when the native Linux and Mac launchers may be available.

We have one final announcement, our Kickstarter is launching next Wednesday, May 13, so if you have any friends who are into Mega Man Battle Network/League of Legends/Super Smash Brothers inspired games, let them know!