Plans for the Next Update

 Feb, 18 - 2016   Game Updates
Combat Theme WIP

TL;DR – Here’s what we’re working on: game stats, multiple clients, and match visuals!

We hope you have been enjoying the new timed mode and that the practice mode has helped you master the various characters’ combos. Since we pushed out version last weekend, we’ve spent this week discussing our goals for the next release, so while we don’t have a lot of finished items, we can at least tell you what we’ve been working on.

First is a game statistics system. This will collect statistics about matches played and will give us valuable insight into how the community is playing Grid Masters. By knowing how often characters are winning and by what margin, we can keep the characters balanced. We can also look at ability usage to determine which moves need to be reworked or completely replaced. The first version of this system will only collect a some small data for us to use, but over time it will be used to show players stats to help them improve their skills as well.

Next we are still working to enable the ability to connect multiple clients to a host. This feature should see some internal testing this week. Once we can have reliable matches between multiple clients, we can start looking into creating a matchmaking system. We need all the testing help we can get to make sure the code that handles the online games performs as well as it can before matchmaking and ranking begins. Development on the matchmaking system will start as soon as we are happy with the reliability of online matches (which is still a ways out).

Finally, as stated in the last blog post, our art focus for the next update is on the art seen when in a match. This week’s screenshot shows off some concept art for the reworked health bars. By redesigning the health bars, we were able to increase the contrast so that players can get more information from a quick glance. At the same time, the health bars will be more customized showing the player’s health in their team’s color, a bust of the character, and the character’s name (or player’s username) above the bar. Cooldown icons are also going through a redesign but are still in discussion at this point. Let us know what you think about the current WIP!