The Network Update Is Finished! Will Be Released when Successfully Signed

 Dec, 05 - 2015   Game Updates
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TL; DR — Update Finished! Not released, because of code signing issues 🙁

We are proud to announce that the build for the network play update is finally finished! There were a few bugs we found in our testing over the last week, but all of them have now been squashed. With this good news also comes some bad. We have had an issue with our code signing process and are working to get it fixed as soon as possible. This means although the update is finished, we can’t push it out to everyone until we get this resolved

Once we do get this update shipped, we’ll be waiting for your feedback that can be submitted through the newly added feedback screen.  With this update we will also be putting out hotfixes, if we receive bug reports or suggestions that we find worthy. If for any reason, you have troubles when the update is released, don’t hesitate to email us at