After Kickstarter Update

 Jun, 18 - 2015   Company Updates

We would like to say thank you to everyone who backed our Kickstarter campaign. We have really enjoyed the support and feedback that you all have given us. Unfortunately, as I’m sure Kickstarter has informed you, Grid Masters did not reach its funding goal. This update is to let you know what our plans are now that the campaign is over.

First off, Grid Masters and Angry Hangar Games are not going anywhere. Some of our team members who were working full time will have to drop down to part time in order to get jobs to pay the bills, but all this means is that progress on the game will be a bit slower.

If you would still like to help support the project monetarily, we will be putting our game up on very soon. We are working on getting the code for the game signed, so that there will no longer be any warnings from the operating system about installing our game. As soon as this is done, we will let you know. The biggest way to help out Grid Masters is to tell your friends about the project!

And, lastly, an update on the code/features of Grid Masters! We have several things in the works right now. We are finishing up the network code, trying to make it as reliable as possible before we push out to everyone. We have also found great resources that we believe will allow us to create a much nicer installing and patching experience. This should not change the look of the launcher too much, but will make the launcher much more maintainable for us.

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