About Us

The Company


Angry Hangar Games is a game development studio, based in Atlanta, Ga, with members from across the U.S. Our mission is to make games that are, at their core, fun and interactive. In order to accomplish this, we take our players’ feedback to heart. If we don’t have fun playing it, we won’t release it! Our studio creates 2D games in several different genres, focusing mainly on action, platformer, and fighter.


The idea for Angry Hangar Games started back when Jonathan and Patrick were in college. After trying several projects to see how hard making games would be, they decided “Why not? Let’s make this happen!” Then they went to their first Game Jam and teamed up with their friends, Chris and Nick, who were members of the Aurora Game Dev Club at Georgia Southern along with Patrick. At the Game Jam, everyone got a taste of how it would be to work together on games full-time. AND SO THEY DID!

They started the project that is today known as GRID MASTERS! With Nick and his ability to know everyone, the team found four artists who would help bring the team’s code to life. At this point, Angry Hangar has four members and several contract workers and looks forward to expanding in the future.



Patrick McNealy is a recent graduate of Georgia Southern. Hey enjoys video games, programming, and various combinations of the two. His focus at Angry Hangar is making fun, playable games that control smoothly and are completely insane.


Jonathan Egbert is a recent graduate of Georgia Tech, where he learned the ancient art of Code Fu. He uses these elusive techniques to design and optimize low-level code. For Grid Masters, his focus has been on increasing the game’s maintainability, creating reliable online play, and building installers and patchers compatible with each release platform. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys being outside, hanging out with friends, working on fun side projects, and trolling the internet.


Chris Sinquefield is studying Computer Science at Georgia Southern. In the world of Grid Masters, he leads the effort to create the characters and make them work within the game. He has also made large chunks of the lore and world in which the characters reside. Thus far, he has resisted the urge to become an in-world deity.



Diane Mueller is part independent game developer, part pixel artist, a game jam junkie, and a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate. Her work on Grid Masters includes spriting and animating the characters, effects, and backgrounds. She produces her own games in her spare time and enjoys immersing herself in obscure indie titles. She is made of crepes, octopi, and kindness, with a dash of video games.


Starlia “Starfish” Prichard has a bachelor’s in animation from Savannah College of Art and Design and a master’s degree in awesome from the University of Keeping It Real. She has worked on a wide variety of projects, ranging from indie games and films to self-publishing her own weekly webcomics, PSY and Castoff. Working alongside the other artists of Angry Hangar, Starlia developed character designs and concept art for Grid Masters. When not holed up in the dark hunched over her art tablet, she can usually be found playing video games, browsing the internet, or adventuring.


Alia Campbell is an animation major from, you guessed it, Savannah College of Art and Design. Her artistic contributions to Grid Masters include drawing backgrounds, floating asteroids, and making silly jokes to keep everybody inspired. When not working with Angry Hangar, Alia can be found playing video games, browsing the web, playing with the dog, and making memes and reaction gifs of Starlia’s face.


Sarah Ikegami is also a graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design! She has a thing for art and animation, and works on the fringe of the animation industry while doin’ cool things for Angry Hangar. Sarah enjoys cosplay, bunnies, and martial arts. She is also very short.

Sound Engineer


Nick Windham is a graduate from Georgia Southern University with a degree in theater. He uses this experience to create sound effects, voice over, and apply principles of audio engineering to projects. On the side, he also touches on programming and other asset management. He’s also a gamer and anime enthusiast, which is where he will draw inspiration from most of the time. Previous games he’s worked on before working with Angry Hangar include: Ether Assault, Dubmarine, and Grasp of Eden.

Public Relations


Amanda Van Tassell graduated from the University of Georgia with degrees in English and public relations. As Angry Hangar’s master wordsmith, she helps craft written content and fixes grammar mistakes to ensure readability. She also manages Angry Hangar’s social media accounts, so keep an eye out for her updates across the internet! Amanda spends her spare time crocheting and sewing nerdy projects in addition to obsessing over the lives of various fictional characters.